Mushroom Kingdom – Late last night, the only known medical professional in the Mushroom Kingdom, Dr. Mario, had his medical license revoked and he was arrested after leaving lifesaving antibiotics in one of the kingdoms numerous castles, resulting in a patient’s death.  At eight o’clock last night, Eastern Kingdom Time, Dr. Mario was pulled over riding a stolen Yoshi, the arresting Koopa Troopa Trooper noted that Dr. Mario appeared agitated and was observed eating a mushroom, despite already being full grown. When questioned as to where he was coming from Dr. Mario attempted to flee the scene, resulting in his arrest. It is unknown if Dr. Mario was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but as he comes from a blue-collar background authorities are convinced that he was.

While in custody, Dr. Mario confessed to having misplaced his patient’s antibiotics and fled Toad’s home for fear of being implicated in his death. To make matters worse, a Koopa Troopa overheard Dr. Mario saying, “Who cares about one less fungus head?” Fungus head being used as a racial epithet used towards Toad people, authorities now believe that this was a racially motivated crime. 

Dr. Mario appeared in court the day after his arrest and entered a plea of “It’s a me,” which the judge interpreted as a guilty plea. Bail has been set at 100,000 coins.

When reached for comment, Dr. Mario’s Lawyer stated that “As my client is literally the only person in the Kingdom who possess the mental capacity to practice medicine, this slight blemish on an otherwise stellar career should be overlooked.”