Moscow – The video game community is collectively scratching their chins at the recent announcement that famed tile-matching puzzle simulator Tetris, will receive downloadable content that adds triangle tiles. This should strike those familiar with Tetris, or anyone familiar with the concept of stacking things, as strange.

Upon entering the Tetris office, a quality assurance tester appeared from behind a vending machine and pulled us into an empty office. When we inquired as to how the decision to add triangles to Tetris made it past the QA process, he informed us that it actually hadn’t.

“The devs realized months ago that triangles would fundamentally break Tetris’s gameplay, but they claimed we had spent so much money already that it was too late to change anything,” he said.

When we  reached out to the teams lead designer to inquire about the perplexing decision to include triangles, our request for an interview was denied though we did receive an email that stated,

“The future of Tetris is brighter now than it’s ever been before. Everyone at the company is very excited to be working on their favorite game again, and can’t wait to show players some of the new and innovative features that we’re bringing to Tetris!”

Further efforts to coordinate an interview with anyone at the company, we were transfered to Tetris’s head of  PR who proceeded to further ignore our questions, opting instead to give us duffle bags full of Tetris swag.

Update: A hexagon DLC pack has now been announced.

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