Georgia- It’s the show that just won’t die. The wildly popular zombie melodrama The Walking Dead has been renewed for yet another season, no doubt to give the writers an opportunity to have yet another anti-climatic resolution to last season’s cliffhanger finale. This will be the shows 7th year on television, and with no indication of a shift in the show’s momentum, it likely won’t be its last. Despite the show’s continued success and popularity, it’s undeniable that many fans have become jaded by the shows repetitive, formulaic nature. Fans aren’t the only ones who are ready to move on, as many of the actors themselves are ready to move on from the Walking Dead.

“Seriously? Another fucking season?! Are You kidding me?” Andrew Lincoln said yesterday during a phone interview upon finding out The Walking Dead had been renewed yet again. “Don’t get me wrong, the money is great, but at some point, I need to feel like I’m contributing something of worth. I’m dying on the inside.”

The show’s star isn’t the only one who is ready for the Walking Dead to finally be put to rest. “That shit still hasn’t ended?” said Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead comic series. Kirkman who has penned the comics story for more than a decade was taken aback upon learning that his comic is still being adapted for television. “It was fun in the beginning, I mean, who doesn’t love zombies, amiright? But after a while, you realize the people reading this stuff are about as brain dead as the walkers themselves.”

When we left a request for an interview with AMC regarding The Walking Dead’s season renewal, we received a two and a half minute voicemail of a cash register opening not unlike the one from M.I.A’s hit single “Paper Planes.”