Not that anyone needed further evidence that Rockstar Games has forever left their mark on the medium of video games, but Bully has always been an underappreciated example of Rockstars methodical approach to game design. Before it’s initial release, Bully was written off as being a watered down version of Grand Theft Auto, and while the game wasn’t perfect, the game was anything but a GTA clone. While the schoolyard setting and T for teen rating led to the developers omitting graphic violence from the game, Rockstar capitalized on this by focusing on witty writing filled with social commentary and providing their most detailed game world yet. Bully is a game that I remember fondly, a game that I think a majority of gamers have forgotten about.


Bully remains to this day to be one of my favorite Rockstar Games, as it goes to show that Rockstar is capable of telling compelling stories even in unique settings outside of their famed Grand Theft Auto franchise.

I hope you enjoy my video review (above) of Bully, and as always I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my videos, so any and all feedback is welcomed.