My Preview:

Despite its faults, I enjoyed 2006’s Prey, a game that had great ideas even if the execution of these ideas resulted in an average first person shooter. I enjoyed it enough that I was disappointed when publisher Bethesda announced they were canceling Prey 2 (a sequel which would put the player in the boots of an intergalactic bounty hunter) after three years of radio silence since a promising 2011 E3 trailer. Fortunately, it seems that in 2013, developer Arkhane Studios had begun work on a reboot of the franchise, a reboot which wouldn’t be connected to the original or canceled sequel, other than it’s sci-fi alien premise. The Prey reboot had fallen off my radar since it’s 2016 E3 trailer, so the demo, which includes the first hour of gameplay, was a welcome surprise which did a remarkable job of selling me on the game.