My retrospective: 

I’m of the camp that was absolutely floored by 2016’s Doom reboot, as it retained the essence of the original while tweaking the formula just enough to avoid feeling antiquated. My hope would be that something similar could be done with F.E.A.R, a modern PC first-person shooter classic that has remained timeless due to its stellar shootouts and atmospheric horror elements. It’s a shame that F.E.A.R was the peak of the franchise as the expansion packs and sequels were a mishmash of uninspired game design and average at best shooters that failed to capitalize on what made the original great.

Sometimes it’s important to revisit games like F.E.A.R to remember a time when games were simpler in their scope and purpose. F.E.A.R was about chaotic shootouts, only momentarily interrupted by a jump scare further raising the tension. Some see games like F.E.A.R as simplistic, and they’d be right, but there’s nothing wrong with simplistic when it’s refined to the point of perfection.

To me, an avid fan of the first-person shooter genre, F.E.A.R is perfection.