My Video Review:

Prey, in name, does very little for me. I enjoyed the ideas explored 2006’s Prey, but ultimately felt that it amounted to little more than an average at best shooter. So in 2014 when the news broke that Prey 2, a planned sequel was eventually canceled, I found myself indifferent. Fast forward to 2016’s E3 when Bethesda unexpectedly announced they would be rebooting Prey, taking the franchise in a completely different direction, I was intrigued but not sold on this new direction.

During my 17 hours with Prey, I found myself to be in the camp that approves of the new direction for Prey yet have some major reservations about how Arkane Studios executed on this new, bold direction for the franchise. I found myself to be quite critical of certain aspects of Prey due to my frustration at the amount of potential that the developer failed to truly capitalize on.